Turning Back the Clock: Seiko Presage Watches Celebrate 1960s Style

Last week, Seiko added the Style 60’s to its Presage line. The watch line takes inspiration from vintage Seiko watches from the 1960s. As you’d imagine, taking design cues from watches that were made in the middle of the last century results in a simple, clean design. The two models within the series display either the time and date or a simple 24-hour subdial. The Style 60’s sport earth-tone dial variations as well as vintage-looking crystal and bezel designs, mixing older styling with some updated tweaks.

Seiko Presage Style 60’s: Retro Look

The watch rocks a “Mad Men in Japan” vibe, thanks to the earth tones and faux-aging details. Among the variants (of which there are plenty), the ivory dial with gilt accents looks like it came straight out of a time when everyone wore fedoras and people dressed up to get on an airplane.

seiko’s presage watches

Versatility & Innovations

Mid-century modern styling aside, the versatility of these Seiko watches is outstanding. The thin bezel gives the classic styling a sporty look and adds a casual touch to an otherwise dressy watch. The Presage Style 60’s blend of classic and minimalist styling works just as well with a three-piece suit as it does wearing a sweatsuit in first class.

Little tweaks like downward-facing lugs for a wrist-hugging fit and lug holes for easy band swapping are great touches, and the 40.8-millimeter case is big enough to be noticed, but not so big that it shouts from the rooftops.

Bringing It All Back Home

Seiko reached back into the past and tweaked a classic design to create a new watch that drips with old-school style. If you’re looking to upgrade your look regardless of your style, keep an eye out for these bad boys when they hit select retailers this June (MSRP $525-$575).



seiko’s presage watches seiko’s presage watches