Up for Auction: Andy Warhol’s Watch, a Patek Philippe Ref. 570

An upcoming watch auction by Christie’s New York features various interesting specimens. But certainly one of the most elegant and intriguing is a Patek Philippe Calatrava, once owned by Andy Warhol. The art legend was famous for collecting objects of all kinds, and he had a reputation for treasuring certain watches.

Opinions on Warhol’s art are fraught and contentious. But whatever yours are, it’s pretty clear this Patek Philippe is a handsome piece.

andy warhol’s watch auction, Patek Philippe Calatrava ref. 570

“Andy’s Stuff”

While he was busy creating arguably the world’s most recognizable art and cultivating a singular creative scene of misfits at his apartment, Andy Warhol also amassed an enormous collection of objects. The artist had always collected items, some as trivial as receipts and takeout menus.

Warhol kept vacuuming up objects as his personal wealth mounted. Eventually, the collection included 175 cookie jars, a desk patterned with lacquered eggshell fragments (measuring 5 mm and smaller), and 57 Navajo blankets (cringe), among other things. Of course, he also collected watches.

Warhol’s Patek Philippe Calatrava History

This particular Patek Philippe entry first hit the market as part of a 1988 auction. That auction was staged to liquidate the recently deceased Warhol’s collection. (Read up on Warhol’s death if you don’t know much about it — if you’re into the supernatural, it may be the most interesting part of his life!) Warhol’s Calatrava Reference 570 watch finally resurfaces in the upcoming Christie’s auction, which starts on June 8.

Patek Philippe luxury watches are not cheap, and those owned by globally recognized celebrities are even not cheaper. But this particular specimen should pull down an even higher auction price because it’s signed by storied watchmaker Hausmann & Co. The iconic company has made timepieces at its location in Rome’s historical center since 1794. The marking, of course, insinuates that Hausmann & Co. originally sold Warhol the watch, which adds to the piece’s historical allure.

Patek Philippe Calatrava ref. 570, back of case detail

Auction Information

Even if you have a collection that rivals Andy Warhol’s, adding this watch to it would make a splash.

In this Patek Philippe Calatrava Reference 570, Christie’s New York knows what it has. That’s why the auctioneer estimates it will pull down anywhere from $45K to $95K at the upcoming online auction, starting June 8.

Unthinkably deep-pocketed — I mean, interested — parties should proceed to the lot number page to enter.

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