Citizen Star Wars Watch Collection: Wear the Force

If you’re still feeling the hangover from Star Wars Day, the Citizen Star Wars watch collection will help you keep the Force going strong until the next May 4th and beyond.

The 15-watch series offers a range of styles and themes from the Death Star trench run to an array of the iconic characters from both sides of the Force. The two newest offerings in the lineup take the watch styling back to the 80s with some modern upgrades.

Wear The Force

A Long Time Ago…

The stainless steel Rebel Pilot and the black stainless steel Trench Run both sport the square case and digital-analog features from the 80s with some modern Star Wars-inspired tweaks. The Rebel Pilot (MSRP $350) sports dual time and subdials with X-Wing and Rebel colors, as well as the Rebel emblem and an X-Wing profile in the analog faces.  In addition, the mode indicator screen showcases Rebel helmet accents on the face.

If you’re on the fence between the Rebellion and the Empire, the Trench Run has details from both sides of the fight. Commemorating the epic race to destroy the Death Star in Star Wars: Episode IV — A New Hope, it has the same square profile and digital-analog faces, but the analog faces showcase the X-Wing and Tie Fighter cockpit views as well as silhouettes of both ships peppered throughout the face.

The Features are Strong with These Ones

Both watches have two analog and two digital displays, with a mode indicator and temperature sensor, just like the original models from the early 80s. The analog faces display two different time zones, while the digital faces display a range of functions, including temperature and date. They also have an alarm function and are splash-proof, but not submersible.

star wars citizen watches

A Galaxy (Far Away) of Options in the Citizen Star Wars Watch Collection

If the 80s look doesn’t suit your style, Citizen also offers 13 other models in a more contemporary circular face. These watches are based on fan-favorite characters such as Boba Fett, Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker, and Yoda, as well as watches with designs with Stormtrooper and Millennium Falcon designs.

These analog watches come with a variety of bands, from leather on the Yoda, Millennium Falcon and Dagobah Limited Edition watches, to stainless steel on the R2-D2 and Prequel watches and a rugged fabric strap on the Boba Fett watch.

The watches also sport Star Wars quotes and designs etched on the case backs, including the classic Boba Fett quote “He’s no good to me dead” on the Boba Fett watch and an iconic Han Solo silhouette on the back of the Millennium Falcon watch.

For die-hard Star Wars fans, the Citizen Star Wars watch collection timepieces are a stylish and understated way to carry the Force with you wherever you go.


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