Sustainable Swatch: Big Bold Next Bioceramic Minimalist Watch

Want a Swatch watch but don’t want to add another piece of plastic waste to the planet? Look into the brand’s newest minimalist watch to find your solution.

Swatch makes the Big Bold Next line that much bolder with ceramics and sustainable bioplastics. The deep, architectural 47mm case showcases Swatch’s progressive material choices, and an array of distinct pastel color choices draws even more attention to the line, called simply Big Bold Next.

The Swedish watchmaker sends a loud “welcome to the future” vibe with the noticeable, sustainability-oriented piece.

What are Bioplastics and Bioceramics?

Swatch appears to co-opt the term “bioceramics” for the Big Bold Next line; Swatch adds bioplastics to traditional ceramics. We’ll define the whole material range for clarity.

Bioceramics were developed for use in bone and dental implants in humans. This is not what Swatch uses in the Big Bold Next watch. Swatch uses a mixture of ⅓ bioplastics and ⅔ traditional ceramics for a soft touch and high durability in the bands and cases.

Bioplastics can either be made from renewable sources (corn, sugar cane, etc.) or biodegradable — or both. The plastics industry reports that the bioplastics sector is growing rapidly, at an estimated 20 to 30% per year. Swatch sources its bioplastics from castor plant seeds.

Investing in bioplastics seems like a strategic move on Swatch’s part; though non-renewable plastics are still the norm, the tide of sustainability is rising to meet us.

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Swatch Big Bold Next Utility

Big Bold Next speaks for itself with a simple design that emphasizes its materials. As Swatch puts it, “[t]he 47 mm diameter see-through case, deep and architecturally structured, provides plenty of room to appreciate the pure and refined BIOCERAMIC characteristics to the fullest.”

Besides an environmental statement from the brand, the watch is simply a timekeeper; quartz movement operates three hands behind a glass lens. It’s available in five colors, notably a new “Power Pink.”

Swatch Big Bold Next: Putting a Price on Sustainability

Navigate to Swatch’s website to check out the brand-new Big Bold Next line, released April 27, 2021. The loud piece is typical of Swatch’s style but represents a potential turning point in the brand’s approach to environmental responsibility. MSRP is $125.



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