Apple Watch 7: Leaks Suggest Design Tweaks, Release Date, and Price

Earlier this spring, a few minor leaks generated a storm of speculation about the Apple Watch 7. At that time, we learned that the watch’s calling card would be a form factor redesign — its first since 2018. Soon, another bread crumb trail indicating possible blood glucose monitoring appeared. Consensus indicates a September release date, concurrent with previous versions.

This iteration of the world’s most popular watch (which at one point outsold the entire Swiss watch industry) will feature a flat edge design that puts it on track with the rest of Apple’s handheld catalog.

If the watch does include a blood glucose monitor, it will be the first of its kind. And with robust cycling GPS capability already on deck, the addition would put Watch 7 alone among the best fitness tracking watches.

Apple Watch 7 Flat Edge Design

The Apple Watch 7’s new flat edge screen triggered its first publicity wave. Leaked images indicating a stripped-down bezel and iPhone 12-style edge-to-edge screen generated the internet frenzy. That screen will deliver a clean, fully updated look and performance; but so far, its main utility has been generating hype. In some ways, Apple forced itself into the form factor update for Watch 7 by giving flat edges to the rest of its handheld device catalog.

A new seafoam green color has also generated some anticipation.

apple watch 7 series - renders

Blood Glucose Monitoring?

Will Apple be content with a style redesign for the Watch 7? Or will it deliver the goods and introduce an industry-first blood glucose monitor?

The feature would put the Watch 7 securely in a league of its own, but it’s unclear whether it will be on board.

The internet roils with speculation over the highly-anticipated capability, and it’s well-known that Apple has targeted it for some time. One thing is clear: whoever introduces it will corner the market for diabetics, break new ground in fitness tracking for athletes, and set a formidable benchmark for competitors.

To Be Noted: Images this Article Uses

This article utilizes images created by a renderer not Watch 7 images from Apple. Jon Prosser, the popular leak reporter for Apple and Android, contacted Renders by Ian (Ian Zelbo) to generate them. They are available for open sharing with watermarks.

Prosser first established his reputation by sleuthing out Android leaks around 2013. He’s newer to the Apple scene, but he reportedly has multiple sources within the company and supply chain. Prosser has a mixed track record for accuracy, but Apple Insider reports that he tends to hit the mark as far as product details; pricing and release dates can be hit or miss.

Speculative Release Details

Most industry heads expect Apple to drop the Watch 7 in mid-to-late September this year. Around the second week of September, Apple regularly holds a keynote to announce its new releases. Previous Apple Watch releases have conformed to that precedent and debuted at or around $400 MSRP.

apple watch 7 series - leaked info -renders

apple watch 7 series - leaked information - rendered