The 12 Best Suits for Men Under $1,000

While business casual has become the dress code for many workplaces around the world, this trend does not mean that suits will become extinct in the future. The truth is that a well-tailored wardrobe is still required on many occasions, such as job interviews, conferences, dinners, and even wedding ceremonies. And if your job requires you to have a suit, it’s nice to have different options, right?

One of the biggest issues that men have wearing suits is the price. Men think that they need to break the bank in order to get their hands on quality and stylish suits. This is completely untrue, especially once you have scoured the internet. You will be surprised to learn that there are affordable yet high-quality suits that you can get for less than $1,000. And moreover, these suits are crafted by reputable brands, with some having centuries of experience in tailoring.

Here is a rundown of the 12 best affordable suits for men that you can get for $1,000 or less. Many of them are European brands, but you’ll also find a couple of American designers on the list.

The Best Suit for Men Under $1,000

Harrison Blue Patch Pocket Italian Wool SuitHarrison Blue Patch Pocket Italian Wool Suit

This affordable wool suit is from New York-based Jomers, which is known for its inexpensive, half-canvas suits. Not surprisingly, these suits sell out quickly.

The wool is created by one of the most popular woolen mills in Italy, Marzotto. It is dyed in true blue that gives the suit a classic look yet still appealing to millennials.

It features a patch pocket, which gives the suit a more relaxed look. It also has real horn buttons that are incredibly durable, stylish, and can make for excellent conversation starters.

With its breathable bemberg lining, the suit should keep you cool for much of the day, even during spring and summer. Bemberg wicks sweat and humidity while allowing moisture to evaporate. And because it is a double vent suit, it will look good on your body even if you put your hands in the pockets. It is also suited for taller men.

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Harrogate Gray Suit by IndochinoHarrogate Gray Suit by Indochino

Indochino is a brand that’s known for its smart designs and high-quality components. Blending 5% cashmere with its popular wool suit, Indochino delivers a winner with the Harrogate gray suit.

The cashmere material makes this suit look luxurious with a bit of a shine to it. This suit is a good choice for parties and formal events but may be quite flamboyant for the workplace. With a greater blend of wool, the suit has the elasticity that you’d likely want.

This half-canvassed suit is versatile. It has bullhorn buttons, collar felts, and light shoulder pads. Moreover, Indochino offers customization for this suit, which is quite impressive given its low price. You may have the pockets, closure, vent, and lapels altered.


Black Lapel Linen Blend Custom SuitBlack Lapel Linen Blend Custom Suit

Black Lapel is similar to Indochino as it offers online, made-to-measure suits. And like Indochino, Black Lapel is known for its high-quality, stylish, and affordable suits.

The Black Lapel Marine Blue Linen Blend Suit is made from 75% wool and 25% linen. It comes in a nice shade of blue that should earn you a lot of compliments. It’s a good suit to have in warm weather during summer and spring.

It has machine-made buttonholes that look and feel nice. The flexible lining is designed to move with you while the solid blue pattern gives it a contemporary touch. For the price, you will be amazed at how great the workmanship is.

You can choose from different closures and between peak and notch lapels. You can also pick your vent and pocket styles.

Aside from the low price and excellent workmanship, you will love that Black Lapel has a fit guarantee. You will have to pay $75 for any alterations or remake of this suit. This is a good offer and shows that the brand is willing to make their customers satisfied and happy.

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Bonobos Jetsetter Stretch Wool SuitBonobos Jetsetter Stretch Wool Suit

The Jetsetter suit from Bonobo is affordable, stylish, and well-made. It can be your staple suit to wear for work, weddings, and special occasions.

For just $550, you can get your hands on this half-canvassed suit. Designed for the guy on the go, it has a lightly padded shoulder, two-button closure, non-functioning button cuffs, and a double vent. It is made from navy fabric that makes it versatile enough to be worn in practically every season. You can choose from various sizes ranging from standard, athletic, slim, and traditional jacket.

Made from 97% wool, the suit can keep you cool on hot days and warm during the winter. The other 3% is stretch, which is ideal for traveling, giving you comfort you need while traveling by car, train, and plane.

Finally, this suit can be worn for practically every occasion. You can wear it during weddings, job interviews, special dinners, and holidays. If you want an edgier look, then pair it with a t-shirt and combat shoes.


Club Monaco Grant Wool SuitClub Monaco Grant Wool Suit

This entry-level suit comes with two variations—one with the jacket, and the other with the pants. Highly versatile, this suit is of a full-canvas construction. It is made from midweight wool that is appropriate for all seasons. Made overseas, the suit is an affordable option for budget-conscious guys.

The suit is made from hopsack wool, which makes it versatile. The fabric gives it the bounce and texture. It lets the suit animate well on the body. It also has a nice drape and texture.

You will also notice the defined shoulder. It is neither overly accentuated nor completely natural. It makes the suit look dressy without being too pompous. It also adds a casual look to the suit, making it easy and comfortable to wear. Meanwhile, the pants, which are sold separately, has a nice off-the-rack fit. Its leg tapers in, yielding to a clean line.


Brooks Brothers Regent Fit BrooksCool SuitBrooks Brothers Regent Fit BrooksCool Suit

Brooks Brothers is known for being the maker of suits worn by presidents. In fact, 40 of the US presidents have worn suits by Brooks Brothers. It is a testament to the classic designs and unparalleled workmanship of the clothing company.

This suit from Brooks Brothers is no different from the other classic apparel of the firm. It is made from lightweight Italian wool. It is crease-resistant, so you’ll likely be making less trips to the dry cleaner if you buy this suit. The fabric is breathable, too. This suit is a modernized version of an old Brooks Brothers silhouette. It also features high armholes and slim lapel.

Moreover, the company offers basic trousers or pants alterations for this suit. Alterations may include finishing the hem for a particular inseam length, taking in or letting out the waist by an inch, or hemming options of cuffed or plain.


J. Crew Ludlow SuitJ. Crew Ludlow Suit

It has been more than a decade since J. Crew launched its Ludlow suit. Yet it remains one of the best suits in terms of value for money. It has a timeless design that should make it appropriate for a wide range of occasions. Made overseas, it has a fit that sets it apart from the competition. It also gets rave reviews for its fabric.

The suit is made from European fabrics, including Italian wool combined with stretch. The wool is lightweight and made by American Woolen Company based in Connecticut. The mill was once part of Loro Piana, an Italian brand revered in the fashion industry.

It comes with the pants and jacket sold separately. The jacket has a notch lapel, partial lining, double-vent, and two button closure. It also has a trim silhouette that can make you look slimmer.

In short, the J. Crew Ludlow is a good starter suit for guys who want to make their presence felt in the workplace as well as for young men who have just graduated.


Sandro Linen SuitSandro Linen Suit

Paris-based Sandro Homme is known for its wide range of stellar suits that are surprisingly affordable. Check out its linen suit made of lightweight fabric. It can make heads turn with its impressive mixture of elegance and sporty casual appeal. It has the kind of look that can make you look good on any occasion.

The Sandro linen suit has a tailor collar, piped pocket in the chest where you can slip small items, two-button fastening, and button cuffs. For good measure, it has a fitted cut for a more stylish and contemporary look.

Just like most Sandro suits, this linen suit has a razor-sharp silhouette. It fits snugly to your body but won’t constrict your movements. Your shoulders are also emphasized but not to the point of over-exaggerating it.

You will also love the versatility of this suit, just like any other creations from the brand. It can be worn during job interviews, fancy dinners, and weddings. Or it can be part of a laid-back get-up.

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Suit Supply Lazio Blue Plain SuitSuit Supply Lazio Blue Plain Suit

The Lazio Blue Plain Suit is affordable and suited for year-round occasions. This slim-tailored and modern suit has a stylish and contemporary look. It is made from wool and features a notch lapel, lightly padded shoulders, and flap pockets.

The Lazio stands out from Suitsupply’s range with its fit, which may deter you if you are on the larger side. But if you are slim, then you will want to wear this suit as it will accentuate the shape of your body. It may be fitted, but it is still comfortable to wear. It also has more flexibility than what it appears on photos.

A closer look at this suit reveals that it is beautiful and not quite “plain.” This can be attributed to the colors and texture. The bold and rich blue base hue is not as dark as navy. In fact, there is a light blue hue woven into it. This nice blend of colors gives the suit more visual appeal. In short, it is eye-catching and can make you stand out in a room.

It is created of Italian wool with a more noticeable texture compared to those of other suits. It breathes well, which makes it appropriate during spring and summer. Yet it also provides enough insulation during colder times of the year.

Just as what you will expect from Suitsupply suits, this one comes with functional sleeve buttons. It moves well with the body.

In short, the Lazio Blue Plain Suit from Suitsupply is one of the most stylish, versatile, and comfortable suits you can get for under $1,000. If you’re a skinny guy, then you should get this suit.


Hart Schaffner Marx New York Classic Fit Solid Stretch Wool SuitHart Schaffner Marx New York Classic Fit Solid Stretch Wool Suit

If you are looking for suits made in the US, then this suit from Hart Schaffner Marx should make it to your short list. This American-made suit is made from wool with a classic fit offering extra room in the chest and body.

Hart Schaffner Marx is one of the more renowned suit makers in the US, founded in the late 19th century in Chicago. It is also one of the innovators in men’s suits, having introduced zippers and lightweight wool, among others. Its suits are known for their impeccable fit, durable construction, and high-quality materials.

This suit is made from 97% wool and 3% spandex. Wool makes the suit incredibly breathable, which is what you want during warm weather. It is also durable, being water and dirt-resistant.

This is of the New York fit, which hugs your body a bit closer. The jacket features button cuffs with chest, interior, and front flap pockets. There are also side vents that should help you look slimmed down if you are on the heavy side.

Meanwhile, the trousers feature a zip fly and hook-and-bar button closure. It also has front slant pockets with back button-closure pockets. The trousers are lined up to the knee, while the jacket is fully lined.

In short, you don’t have to pay a lot to have a proudly American-made suit in your wardrobe with the Hart Schaffner Marx New York Classic Fit Solid Stretch Wool Suit.

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Topman 2 Piece Blue Premium Textured Skinny Fit SuitTopman 2 Piece Blue Premium Textured Skinny Fit Suit

Topman is one of those stores where you go to find affordable yet stylish articles of clothing. Just like this 2-piece skinny fit suit that can be dressed up or down, depending on the occasion. You can wear it with a simple t-shirt for casual occasions, or with a button-down shirt and tie for more formal events like weddings and fancy dinners.

This suit comes with a single-breasted jacket that has a one-button fastening. It also comes with matching trousers and peak lapel. You will look and feel dapper with this suit thanks to its premium textured fabrication and fantastic fit.

This suit is created from a fabric that combines wool, polyester, and elastane. It is appropriate for all kinds of weather.


Reiss Norman Modern Fit SuitReiss Norman Modern Fit Suit

Rounding out our list is this modern fit suit from Reiss Norman, which has a solid reputation thanks to its high-quality and reasonably priced clothes.

Reiss Norman suits are created from fabrics sourced from Italian and British mills. The brand is also known for using horn buttons that enhance the appearance of its clothes. Moreover, its suits are designed around three fits: classic, modern, and slim.

The two-piece modern suit from Reiss Norman is made from pure wool. With a stylish, modern fit, this suit should fit any occasion. Check out the charcoal suit, which is positioned as a daily essential that you can use in the workplace or for special events like weddings.