Tired of the same old boring watches? We feel you. How about something a little different? What about a wooden watch?

Amazon has a slew of wooden watch brands to choose from, and our best wooden watch Buyer’s Guide features 12 of the coolest, most unique offerings available. We’ve got a range of styles, sizes, prices, and looks — from ultra-casual to semi-formal. We even feature wooden watches for him and her, with several unisex options scattered through our guide. The only thing we don’t have is a square wooden watch. We’re betting you can take the knowledge we feature here and find one for yourself!

It’s time for a change. Embrace the natural, and jump into our best wooden watches Buyer’s Guide!

The Best Wooden Watch

bobo bird wooden watch


The best wooden watch we could dig up was this striking and deceptively simple timepiece from Bobo Bird. With this watch, it’s all about styling–the blonde wood is offset by black stainless steel detail work and accents around the band, bezel, and face. The face is uncluttered by numerals, and the buttons and crown have a bold, masculine feel. Even better, you can order this watch with 1 of 12 engravings for a personal touch.

The bracelet clasp is a cool feature. You normally see clasps like this on dive watches, but don’t take this watch swimming–it has no water resistance to speak of. The watch ships with a wooden bamboo box for gifting or stylish storage. On top of that, the price is right–this watch is highly affordable!

Key Features:

  • Blonde wood
  • Black stainless steel details
  • 12 possible engraving choices

wilds wooden watchWilds Wooden Watch

A wooden watch for formal occasions? Sure, why not? This skeleton watch from Wilds features several touches we normally find in the luxury watches we write about. The transparent backing on the case allows a glimpse inside the inner works as the watch sits on your nightstand. The dial is also transparent and sure to mesmerize you as you watch each precisely manufactured component ticking away. Extra-tough scratch-proof glass doesn’t hurt either. The watch is mechanical self-winding, so it won’t ever need a new battery (make sure you wear it every 36 hours or so to keep it on track).

The dial parts that aren’t see-through are blue, with Arabic numerals marking the 12, 2, 4, 6, 8, and 10 o’clock hours. The minute hand is white to match the numerals, while the hour hand is a dart of eye-catching crimson. We are linking to the zebrawood model here, but it also comes in ebony, kosso, and walnut.

Key Features:

  • Appropriate for more formal occasions
  • Transparent dial
  • Mechanical self-winding

bewell w086b mens wooden watch analogBewell W086B Men’s Wooden Watch Analog

An all-ebony wooden watch makes a statement while remaining appropriate for fancier occasions, and this example from Bewell doesn’t disappoint. The link-style band is par-for-the-course, but the face and bezel are somewhat unique. The dial is ebony and features black Arabic numerals at the 12, 3, 6 and 9 o’clock marks. Black hash marks sit at the other hour locations. The minute hashes are etched into the bezel, one of the few watches in our guide to feature that style. A small date window to the left of the 3 o’clock hour completes the look.

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Key Features:

  • All-ebony construction
  • Uncluttered dial
  • Minute hashes inscribed on the bezel

treehut men's wooden watchTreehut Men’s Wooden Watch

Embrace minimalism with this clean and classy men’s wooden watch from Treehut. The combination of zebrawood and ebony used throughout stands out without being ostentatious. The round case is elegant, and to call the dial “uncluttered” would be an understatement. Simple black hands are the only feature on the dial, so don’t plan on using this watch as a precision time-keeping device.

Japanese quartz movement keeps things as accurate as they can get with this type of face, and a 43 mm case is large without being too chunky. This minimalist watch ships with a gift box and comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Key Features:

  • Minimalist look
  • Zebra and ebony wood construction
  • Simple black hands

shifenmei men's wooden watchShifenmei Men’s Wooden Watch

The zebrawood used in this wooden watch seems to glow with the richness and light that only natural materials can achieve. Ebony wood in the case and band provides a luscious contrast to the paler wood, while the stainless steel screw-down crown stands out with just a touch of shine.

The dial treads a fine line between minimalist and cluttered–there are no Arabic or Roman numerals, but 60 hash marks rendered in high-contrast black stand out enough to be eye-catching. Japanese quartz movement and the option for engraved backing earn this timepiece a place on our list of best men’s wooden watches for sure!

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Key Features:

  • Zebra and ebony wood construction
  • Stainless steel details
  • Dial features minute hash marks

cosvog custom engraved wooden watches for menCosvog Custom Engraved Wooden Watches for Men

This model from Cosvog has many of the same touches you’ve seen a few times on this list already: zebrawood and ebony construction, a silver-toned screw-down dial, optional engravings, numeral-free dial, and silver-toned bezel. The major difference we can see is the price (it’s only $39.00) and the use of ebony wood in the dial (the models we’ve examined so far have all used lighter wood, like zebra, in the dial).

That dark dial gives this wooden watch a touch of mystery we haven’t seen elsewhere in wooden watches. But buyer-beware — we are unsure a sub-40 dollar watch will stand the test of time.

For more affordable options, be sure to browse our list of the best-selling watches for under $100.

Key Features:

  • Zebra and ebony wood construction
  • Optional engravings
  • Dark, ebony wood dial

mujuze wooden watch for menMUJUZE Wooden Watch for Men

Now, this is handsome. Every wooden watch we’ve looked at so far sports a wooden band, but this one has a plush, dark, stylish leather band to complement its classy looks. The dial is 40 mm in width and 10 mm in thickness, so this men’s wooden watch can slide right under a suit coat sleeve with no problem. The all ebony wood construction screams sophistication, as does the dial.

Let’s take a closer look. The dial sports elegant gold-tone markings highlighted by Arabic numerals on the hour. The hands are also gold-toned — thin and elegant as they travel across the ebony face. A black screw-down crown completes the look.

Key Features:

  • Leather band
  • Ebony wood construction
  • Gold-toned details

maui kool kaanapali collection wooden watch for menMaui Kool Kaanapali Collection Wooden Watch for Men

We’ve rarely seen a watch that typifies the effortless cool of Hawaii surfers as well as this one does. The zebra-wood construction is nothing special, but the baby-blue dial can’t be missed, and the palm tree logo of Maui Kool is front and center, giving the watch an authentic island feel.

The dial uses roman numerals at the 12 o’clock mark and silver-toned hashes to mark the other hours. Other than that, the dial is uncluttered — except for a small silver-toned second-dial in the lower central portion.

This blue dial watch is designed as unisex, making it the first wooden watch for women on our list. It’s got a large dial and might feel chunky on a woman’s wrist, but if you like that sort of thing, go for it! Like all the wooden watches in our guide, this watch is splash-resistant only. We know you might have a temptation to take this watch surfing, but it won’t end well!

Key Features:

  • Eye-catching blue dial
  • Unisex
  • Silver-toned second-hand dial

czoka unisex design wooden watchCZOKA Unisex Design Wooden Watch

Here’s another unique entry in our roundup. At $39, this watch stands out automatically for its price — it’s a great entry-level watch for someone who isn’t sure if he will enjoy the sensation of wearing something on his wrist or not. It also stands out because it is not zebrawood (like almost every other watch on our list). Instead, small-grained acacia wood gives the watch a more rugged, neutral appearance. This watch under $50 is another unisex option, though the 43 mm case won’t appeal to all women.

The dial is unusual, and we should spend a few moments talking about it. The slate gray face is uncluttered by Arabic or Roman numerals and uses only small dots to mark the hours. The hands are black with white highlights — a look we don’t see all that often. Black trim around the bezel provides an elegant transition from case to dial.

Three sub-dials adorn the lower half of the primary face, helping you keep track of the date and 24 hour time. Our favorite feature is the striking blue hands on these sub-dials, as well as the blue second-hand on the primary dial. The coloration stands out well against the dark gray and perfectly matches the soft brown of the acacia wood construction.

Key Features:

  • Unisex
  • Slate gray face
  • Black hand with white highlights

tayope wooden watchTayope Wooden Watch

This unisex, minimalist wooden watch from Tayope is another classy piece that would be just as home on a date or in the office as it would be on more casual occasions. The trick is the burnished ebony wood construction — a choice that always lends a touch of class to the proceedings. The dark leather strap is another nice touch. There’s just something cool to the combination of leather and wood in these types of watches.

The dial is unique in our guide, sporting a pebbled, dark brown surface. Gold-toned hands and minimalist minute/hour markers stand out gorgeously against this background, and the whole effect is one of warm, glowing elegance. A small date-window rendered in Arabic numerals and located just above the 6 o’clock mark rounds out the features.

This watch happens to be the cheapest model in our guide at $26, though we should again point out that cheaper isn’t always better, especially where watches are concerned.

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Key Features:

  • Leather band
  • Burnished ebony construction
  • Pebbled, textured dial

tjw mens wooden watchesTJW Men’s Wooden Watch

One thing we love about wooden watches is the variety in which they come. This men’s wooden watch from TJW is no exception. The zebra and ebony band is probably the most common design we see in wooden watches, but the face is quite unique, so let’s zoom in on that.

Wooden watch faces tend towards minimalism, but this face strikes a balance with bold, serif-font Roman numerals at the 12, 3, 6, and 9 o’clock hour marks. The other hours are marked with relatively large vertical hashes, which contrast with the diminutive minute markings that adorn the dial’s outer edge. Chunky, wedge-shaped hands are rendered in black and stand out with striking contrast from the blonde wooden dial. This watch makes a statement but probably pairs better with jeans or chinos and a crisp white button-down than it does with a suit-coat.

Key Features:

  • Serif-font Roman numerals
  • Chunky, wedge-shaped hands
  • Blonde wooden dial

bosin inverted geometric wooden watchBOSIN Inverted Geometric Wooden Watch

Got a creative type in your family? Check out this watch from BOSIN. It’s probably the most unique wooden watch in our guide — and that’s saying something! The watch is rendered in no less than four wood types. The result is a watch that wouldn’t look out of place on the wrist of a post-modernist painter circa 1957.

Arabic numerals mark each hour and are, uniquely, placed on the bezel instead of the dial. White triangle-shaped hands decorate an otherwise uncluttered face, leaving you free to study the luscious warmth and textures of the four wood colors used in the construction.

For more excellent timepieces, be sure to browse our list of the top-rated ceramic watches.

Key Features:

  • Unique four-color design
  • Ultra-minimalist dial
  • Arabic numerals on the outer edge of the bezel


Wooden Watch Buying Guide and FAQ

Features to Look for in Wooden Watches

Style – The beautiful thing about wooden watches is that the material (wood) comes in a much more wonderous variety than other common watch materials (like stainless steel). The upshot is that you can pair different types of wood with a wide variety of other materials and trims (silver tones, gold tones, white, black, and polished steel, and so on) to create an almost limitless range of possible styles.

That being said, most of the watches in our guide are better suited for casual over formal occasions. Wooden watches tend to be lighter in color (with a few exceptions) and might stick out on your wrist if you were, say, wearing all black at a funeral. Keep that in mind as you scroll through our guide!

Design – Wooden watches are primarily designed with a unique appearance and basic functionality in mind. They seldom feature rotating bezels, tachometers, or similar features you often find on luxury watches. Most of the watches in our guide feature only a single dial and most have uncluttered minimalist faces.

The good news is that simple designs lend themselves to affordable watches. Only a few of the wooden watches in our roundup break the $100 barrier, making them ideal entry-level watches.

wooden watch wirh brown leather strap

Wood Color – The two most common wooden watch colors are zebra and ebony. Zebra features blond wood with dark veins running through, while ebony is a deep, rich brown that borders on black depending on the type of stain used in finishing.

Past that, there’s a whole range of warm tones to choose from, ranging from light blond all the way up to dark brown. Wooden watchmakers take full advantage of these options, often combining more than one wood color into the same watch.

Case – Wooden watch cases tend to be simple, round, and functional. We’ll speak to their durability in the FAQ section, but for now, what you need to know about them is that they come in most of the common watch sizes you are used to. Most of the watches in our guide are in the 40 mm size — very common for men’s watches.

Band – The wooden watches in our guide mostly feature bands made of wood in the link style commonly found in dive watches. These types of bands almost always utilize clasp-style closures, which many people find comfortable and convenient.

The only problem with link style bands is that they have to be sized by removing or adding links as needed. Some of the watches we feature here come with extra links, as well as tools to remove links if you need a smaller band.

A few of the watches in our guide have leather bands. Watch out for these; we think they are particularly cool examples of the category!

wooden watch besides a colored bracelet

Wooden Watch FAQ

Are wooden watches durable?

Here’s the deal–not really. Wood isn’t as durable as stainless steel, titanium, or other metals commonly used in watch construction. A wooden watch will probably crack with enough impact and will certainly show scratches, stains, and similar abuse. Some people will be fine with this — especially because wooden watches are fairly cheap and replacing them is easy. And some actually enjoy how natural materials wear and change with age. Just know what you are getting into when you purchase a wooden watch — it probably isn’t going to be a lifetime investment.

Are wooden watches waterproof?

Nope. Not even a little bit — at least none of the ones we feature in our guide are. If you want a waterproof watch, you need something made of plastic or metal. Wood is porous and will absorb water if it is immersed for long enough. It’s also hard to screw wood down firmly enough to create a water-tight seal without cracking it.

In short, don’t take your wooden watch swimming or wear it in the shower.

brown wooden watch

Are wooden watches hypoallergenic?

Wood is considered a hypoallergenic material, which is good news for those with sensitive skin. Many of the manufacturers we feature in our guide boast of their product’s hypoallergenic properties. The only thing we can think of that might irritate the skin are some of the stains or finishes used to treat the wood. Luckily, most of the watches here have robust return policies. If you have sensitive skin and are worried about how you will react to a new watch, begin by wearing it for short periods and slowly ramping up from there.

Will temperature changes affect a wooden watch?

Wood is known to swell and contract with moisture and temperature, but all of the watches in our guide are sealed to minimize that. We can’t see temperature being much of a problem for the average user.

That being said, wooden watches are generally made to be pretty, minimally functional time-pieces. Don’t buy one if you need something to stand up to extreme conditions, rugged adventures, or wild temperature fluctuations.