Civivi Mini Bullmastiff Pocket Knife: Damascus Steel, Deep Deal

Damascus steel! Carbon fiber! Named after an adorable doggo! What more could you want from a pocket knife? If it’s heft and performance, the Civivi Bullmastiff has you covered. The impossible-to-ignore Damascus/carbon fiber iteration (newest in the line) guarantees your EDC kit will stand out. And the Mini version, with a capable but compact 3-inch blade, just hit a deep price drop.

civivi mini bullmastiff

Civivi Mini Bullmastiff Pocket Knives As Art

Damascus steel, though more common than it used to be, is something of a holy grail in the blade world. Its storied reputation is over a millennium old, based on an ancient technique for folding steel during forging. These days, much of the Damascus legend exists in the sands of time, and the alloy’s characteristics have become secondary to its artistic value.

Civivi puts it overtly on display with the Mini Bullmastiff’s 3-inch cleaver-shaped blade. The tall blade gives the owner or admirer plenty of room to get lost in the Damascus pattern. A deep channel adds an aesthetic touch.

The blade’s aqueous pattern contrasts sharply against the Bullmastiff’s gridded handle. The 4.2-inch G10 handle is overlaid with a layer of twill-patterned carbon fiber.

The Mini Bullmastiff Pocket Knife as EDC Functionality

Anyone can see that the Civivi Bullmastiff looks badass, but does its bite match its bark? All signs point to yes.

Though it doesn’t sound like much, the 3-inch blade promises to impress with its sheer heft. The knife is 7.17 inches long when it’s open, and weighs in at a robust 3.46 ounces. Because of the clever shape and lightweight G10 handle, the knife should feel naturally heavier toward the blade. The 4.2-inch handle should accommodate most users’ hands very comfortably. A relatively deep choil helps secure the grip.

A cleaver is an unusual choice for an EDC blade, but it makes sense in a lot of applications. For opening packages, I often grip my knife blade near the edge between my thumb and forefinger (pro tip: it’s a depth gauge). The Bullmastiff’s blade facilitates this with plenty of room in the vertical. I know it’s painful to damage something beautiful, but if the chips are down, a wider blade is better for prying or bottle opening. And if you ever find yourself chopping food, say at a campsite, a cleaver is clearly the tool for the job.

civivi mini bullmastiff

A Deal on Damascus Steel

From what we’ve seen, we’re impressed with the Civivi Mini Bullmastiff’s fast, loud action and unignorable appearance. Find out for yourself at Civivi’s website, where the Mini Bullmastiff is currently down from MSRP $100 to $75.


civivi mini bullmastiffcivivi mini bullmastiffcivivi mini bullmastiff