One Flask, Double Fist: Viski Harrison Stainless Steel Cigar Holder & Flask

I’m not going to put it any better than Viski’s caption writer did, so I’m not going to try: “Slip something to sip into a refined stainless steel case, with room for a choice 54-gauge cigar alongside the half-flask.” As tasty as that sentence is, the Viski Harrison Stainless Steel Cigar Holder and Flask can make your hip flask EDC game even tastier. Its trim double-barrel design keeps your preferred poison and a “cigar” of your choice together at all times for quick hits of the good stuff in style.

I checked out the details before getting (discreetly) schnockered.

Flask Design Notes

Although it looks like a specialty Bond weapon designed by Agent Q, the Viski Harrison is actually a Chinese product made with polished steel. It’s a unique idea for its utility. Why I never owned a flask with an integral blunt — er, cigar holder is beyond me.

The design and function speak for themselves: it’s simply a side-by-side arrangement for on-the-go smoke and drink. It does look distinctly possible to dribble or leak some spirits into your smokey treat’s chamber, so as always, we recommend conscientious behavior even when you’re loaded.

polished harrison stainless steel cigar holder and flask

Size Matters

The Viski Harrison Flask and Cigar Holder is 8.25 inches long, so make sure you’ve got an able pocket; the backseat of your skinny jeans is not gonna do it, and you’ll be busted by bar staff before you can ask that intriguing stranger “it’s kinda crowded in here — wanna step outside for a second?”

No capacity information is available. You can fit a helluva “cigar” in it, that’s for sure, but I doubt it holds all that much booze. It’s advertised as a “half-flask” which doesn’t really mean anything. Then again, who cares? You’re a smuggler, not a scorekeeper.

Pocketed: Viski Harrison Purchase Info

The Viski Harrison Stainless Steel Cigar Holder and Flask is available on Wayfair for $26 MSRP. As of this writing, it was on sale for $17, which would save you exactly enough coin to buy a 50mL bottle of Hennessy. Just sayin’.


polished harrison stainless steel cigar holder and flask