Old-School Cool: Wipebook Pro + Brings Handwriting to the Cloud

For those of us drawn to handwriting, there aren’t many options that allow us to both enjoy the format and seamlessly get our written ideas into the cloud. Fortunately, technology is leaving few stones unturned, including the analog ones. The Wipebook Pro + by Wipebook is a 20-page notebook with a classic notebook-style form, the functionality of a whiteboard, and a form factor compatible with the Wipebook Scan app. Just jot, scan with your mobile device, upload, wipe, and start again.

mini wipebook pro

Wipebook Pro + Specifics

The Wipebook Pro + features 10 grid-lined pages, 10 ruled pages — each measuring 8.5 by 10 inches. A handsome, understated faux leather cover keeps it neat while protecting those words, scribbles, and sketches of yours. Really, it looks like it would make for an exquisite everyday carry notebook.

In tow with the Wipebook Pro + is one black dry erase marker “to get you started.” It stows handily in the Wipebook’s integrated marker holster. Oh! And of course, feel free to use any dry-erase pen you like; the pages’ whiteboard-like coating is no different than that found on the surfaces of larger classroom predecessors.

Wipebook Scan App

The partner app integrates with a litany of popular software. Save your work (allegedly without a hitch) through the app to Dropbox, Evernote, Google Drive, or Microsoft OneDrive.

mini wipebook pro


Analog. Tirelessly reusable. Connected. And at an MSRP of only $45, it seems like an experiential bargain that’s rather difficult to outdo. Click the link below to find out more and queue one up for yourself, you old-school hipster, you.



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