EDC Americana: The James Brand Wayland Knife

The James Brand builds its Wayland knife on the foundation of American heritage itself. Based on the original Barlow pocket knife, which “Presidents Washington and Lincoln never left home without” (according to James), its sheepsfoot blade and classic styling make it a sure bet for EDC success.

We took a closer look.

james brand wayland knife

History: The Most American Pocket Knife

Among knife history circles, it’s fairly common knowledge that Barlow knives were America’s first EDC pocket knives. One source declares, “the Barlow knife has been a classic part of America’s EDC since before people thought the Constitution would work.”

It’s a bold claim, but The James Brand Wayland does take after a deeply traditional design. Its sheepsfoot blade was originally intended for, yes, trimming sheeps’ hooves. Its long bolsters improve its handling across a broad range of hand sizes, and its rosewood handle scales invoke old-fashioned class.

Specs and Function

The James Brand Wayland Knife really shines as an EDC knife because of its sheepsfoot blade. The gently curved edge and rounded spine are ideal for slicing (like a kitchen knife), and the combination helps limit accidental punctures or stabs.

The CNC-machined nail nick helps users flip the knife open easily. A slip joint helps to keep the knife open via spring pressure but bypasses a true locking mechanism. Since you won’t be stabbing anything with it anyway, the slip joint makes the Wayland that much easier to use one-handed. 6.9 inches long when the 3-inch blade is open, the knife is big enough for sustained, comfortable use — and light enough, at 2.8 oz., that it shouldn’t swing around inside a pocket.

james brand wayland knife

Purchasing Choices for the James Brand Wayland Knife

You can pick up The James Brand’s classically-styled Wayland knife on the company’s website for $200 MSRP. It’s available in the traditional rosewood-and-stainless finish, as well as in black composite variants.


james brand wayland knifejames brand wayland knifejames brand wayland knife