Build Your Perfect Knife: Custom Gerber Reserve Blades

Customizability isn’t always what it’s cracked up to be in the knife world. Sure, you’d be hard-pressed to find a knife you can’t stamp your initials onto or swap out the handle on for something that pops. But when you pick out a piece of equipment, sometimes you want something that will make your friends say “whoa.” The Gerber Reserve program directly addresses this desire, from tip to tang.

Gerber Reserve Knives

Gerber Reserve takes customization to a new level by offering two knives, the Terracraft and Sedulo, which you can trick out or modify with color splashes and patterns that are bound to make your friends jealous. Both blades, available exclusively through, are made in small batches to allow for more detail in the production.

GR knife in action

Terracraft Knife

The Terracraft is a fixed-blade, full-tang blade made from thick S30V steel. Its design allows it to take serious punishment and fit comfortably in your hand in different positions, including baseball, chest, and precision grips.

Its overall length is 9.1 inches, and it weighs 6.4 ounces. Its features include:

  • 90-degree spine for fire striking
  • Hammer-ready pommel
  • American leather sheath
  • Through holes
  • Ergonomic G10 scales

Sedulo Knife

The Sedulo is an 8.1 inch, 3.6-ounce folding knife made for everyday carry. It’s made from the same S30V steel as the Terracraft but designed to be more compact and fit comfortably in your pocket.

Its features include:

  • Pivot lock mechanism
  • Ambidextrous design
  • Deep carry pocket clip
  • Full panel grind
  • Lanyard hole
  • Textured grips

gerber reserve knives

Gerber Reserve Customization

Both knives are available in basic colors crafted by Gerber, but the most interesting feature about these knives is how extensively knife lovers can customize them.

The Sedulo comes with two different blade color options (Black Oxide and Stonewash), and six scale colors can be mixed and matched for an even more unique look. Customers can choose to laser mark the blade with one of 30 distinct patterns that include animal, camo, geometric, and nature prints. If a pattern isn’t your cup of tea, you can instead add images or simple text to your blade.

The Terracraft is even more versatile. It includes six handle color options and the same 30 laser mark pattern options as the Sedulo. The Terracraft’s blade, however, also comes in six different colorways. With all the color and pattern options, it could be the loudest knife you’ll ever own.

How Much?

The fixed-blade Terracraft starts at an MSRP of $150. The Sedulo starts at an MSRP of $100 or $105, depending on the base color option you select.

A custom-colored blade costs just $10 more. Adding a custom laser mark pattern to the blade increases the price by $25. Adding a photo costs between $15 and $25, and adding text is another $15.


gerber reserve terracraft knifeGR leather sheath