Mictic Wristbands are Wearable Musical Instruments

If you’ve ever played air guitar and dreamed of playing like your favorite hair band, Mictic’s body instrument gets you one step closer with its motion-sensing technology. Mictic wristbands connect to your phone via Bluetooth and create a variety of music based on your movements and the wristband’s settings. The two bands allow you to play your own air instruments or generate a custom soundtrack to however you feel like dancing.

mictic wristbands are wearable instruments

How Mictic Wristbands Work

Each bracelet is roughly the shape and size of a Fitbit. They work by sending accelerometer data to the Android or iOS app, which the app interprets into music. Depending on the mode, it can spit out industrial noises to compliment your sweet-ass robot moves or drop heavy drum and bass, picking up the pace with you as you reach a fever pitch.

The bands also let you play a form of air piano and drums, changing tone as you move your hand right to left and generating beats to match your air piano virtuosity. In another mode, you can sit in a chair and perform the hand motions of playing the cello, and the bands will interpret your movements to help you sound like Yo-Yo Ma playing an invisible instrument.


While the precision of playing an actual instrument isn’t there, the Mictic bands do deliver the ability to bypass the trauma of those piano lessons your mom made you take all summer. Skipping training and just playing a damn piano already is a great concept. At first glance, it seems like a fun and interesting toy to experiment with. But we wouldn’t be surprised to catch street performers and YouTube phenoms cranking out some legitimate tunes in the near future.

There’s no air guitar setting as of this writing, so don’t expect to shred like Bill and Ted…yet.

Availability and Pricing

Mictic is available for preorder at $99 and is expected to ship in September 2021.