Return of the Clamshell: Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 Leaks

Dust off your bucket hat collection and download some Ja Rule ringback tones; flip phones are back. A recent leak has given us our first look at the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3, the second generation (second, not third) in the series. We scoured the rumor mill and aggregated the results to prepare you for the flip phone’s expected late-2021 release.

samsung galaxy z flip 3

Photo Credit: Snoreyn – LetsGoDigital

The Galaxy Z Flip 3 Leak

The first snippets of information about the Galaxy Z Flip 3 trickled in via leaked promotional videos from Samsung. The internet went bananas, and a few form factors and design particulars emerged. A glossy black cover display houses the camera array, giving the Z Flip 3 a two-tone look similar to the Google Pixel 2. The display looks to be a fair amount bigger than the original Z Flip’s display, which should bolster its utility.

The Z Flip 3’s major form redesign looks like, predictably, thinner bezels for the foldable screen. With the iPhone 12, Apple Watch 7, and others, the tech world moves inextricably toward more screen and less edge. Shrinking the Z Flip 3’s bezel will help Samsung keep the pace.

Several color options, including lilac and green, will be available.

In the video, we can also see that the phone is wrapped in Gorilla Glass Victus. The material, manufacturer of Corning’s most advanced glass to date, seeks to maximize both scratch and drop resistance. It looks impressive — according to Corning, it survived drop tests at up to 2 meters in the lab. Many comparable aluminosilicate glasses break at 0.8 meters.

(Controversial?) New Battery

Internet consensus has established that Samsung will shift to using ATL batteries for the Galaxy Z Flip 3. The device’s first iteration used Samsung SDI batteries, but China’s Amperex Technology Limited will supply the new batteries.

Interestingly, ATL batteries last made the news during the Galaxy Note 7 fire scandal. Ultimately, batteries (both SDI and ATL) were identified as the causes of the fires. Samsung appears to choose ATL to drive down cost, but reports indicate it shouldn’t matter much at the consumer price point. The cost for smartphone batteries typically ranges between $10 and $15, so the ATL battery’s price significance is pretty limited.

samsung z flip 3

Photo Credit: Snoreyn – LetsGoDigital

Galaxy Z Flip 3 Production & Pricing Estimates

Samsung has reportedly started production on the accompanying Z Fold 3, but there were no reports confirming production for the Z Flip 3 as of this writing. Most rumor mongers point to a late July/early August release date for the Z Flip 3.

Twitter leaker FronTron made waves by suggesting the phone will MSRP at around $1000 to $1200. The majority of sources have adopted that assessment, which would be a significant reduction from the current $1450 Z Flip 5G.

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z flip 3

Photo Credit: Snoreyn – LetsGoDigital

samsung galaxy z flip 3

Photo Credit: Snoreyn – LetsGoDigital