Beryl Burner Bike Light Brightens During Braking

Every bike light is designed to draw attention to cyclists, but the Beryl Burner takes it to another level. The rechargeable light intensifies during braking to add even more traffic safety, making it an ideal bike light for commuters. A few self-regulating features put some great finishing touches on the Burner.

Light Bright: Burner Bike Light Specs

The Burner delivers 100 lumens at maximum brightness. That should be plenty to attract drivers’ attention from behind, especially if riders take advantage of the various modes. Bright steady, normal steady, sweep, beating, chase, and side modes are available (the Burner is visible at 180 degrees). The coolest part is obviously the braking detection, a safety feature that’s gaining traction in the category for good reason.

On normal steady mode, a 1.5-hour charge delivers an impressive 60 hours of runtime. Save the bright steady mode as a drastic measure or prepare to recharge often — on a full charge, you’ll get just 5 hours of max brightness. A power check feature gives riders the ability to monitor the light’s remaining charge.

Don’t worry about a sudden power outage, though: the Burner goes on power-saving mode as soon as you hit 15%, giving you a guaranteed 5 more hours of runtime. As well, a built-in sensor shuts the light off during broad daylight hours.

beryl burner

Burner Build Characteristics

The Burner is also built to outlast the rigors of city commuting. Its aircraft-grade aluminum case is waterproof (“fully” waterproof, Beryl says), so neither puddles nor drops should be a problem. The adjustable angle light secures with a 3mm hex key. In a helpful touch that goes beyond the necessary, the USB charging port is magnetic.

How to Buy a Burner

Cruise on over to Huckberry, where the Burner was selling for $60 as of this writing. The taillight and its headlight partner, the Front Burner, were concurrently out of stock on Beryl’s website.


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