James Brand Mehlville Carabiner

Everyday carry items should be accessible, tasteful and easily used for more than one purpose. The Mehlville Carabiner fits that description and more. In fact, from the very first stages of design, it was meant to become a household name synonymous with durable key chain alternatives.

Starting with a solid block of 6063 aluminum, this carabiner features flawless precision in a design that resists both corrosion and everyday wear and tear. Dual compartments allow two separate spaces for items you carry every day, and it opens in both spaces, with a smooth flip. The handy thumb stud bottle opener stud as well as the gate pin are both made of 304 stainless steel, which gives this carabiner extra strength. The anodized finish completes this piece and you’ll find you won’t be able to leave home without it.

With slim aesthetics and a lightweight design, you’ll feel no extra weight on your key chain or belt loop, wherever you choose to carry this piece. At the same time, you’ll get durability that really makes sense for such an often used everyday tool. When it comes to fitting people for any adventure, James Brand plans it all out so that you will be well-equipped.

It’s important that you not only have your everyday items, such as keys, close at hand when you need them, but also securely locked so there’s not a chance of accidental loss. The large opening is assurance that you can lock this carabiner onto anything you need to, from belt loops, to backpack straps, and everything in between.


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