Art or Pocket Tool: Climber Wood Swiss Spirit Knife

Swiss Army knife specialists will appreciate Victorinox Swiss Army’s new special edition pocket tool, the Climber Wood Swiss Spirit knife. The tool jackets familiar Swiss Army function with intricate, carved wooden handle scales featuring emblematic scenes and images of Switzerland.

Victorinox will only release 12,000 units of the limited-edition knife. Here’s a closer look at its function, inspiration, and artwork.

swiss army: climber wood swiss spirit special edition

Swiss Heritage Inspiration

The knife’s walnut handle scales show a traditional Swiss scene. The textured wood is laser-cut with notable Alpine peaks and native Swiss wildlife. Skiers, mountaineers, and cyclists also make appearances. A sailboat and viaduct add flair and variety to the carvings.

Quaint but precise, the carvings invoke classical Swiss mountain aesthetics. There’s no indication what “Climber Wood” refers to, but if I were using the knife on a climb, I’d likely appreciate the carvings’ grippy texture and the tool’s multiple functions.

Perhaps, if I found myself high in a Swiss Alpine night enduring a cold, crisp bivy, the carvings in the knife handles would slowly start to animate themselves. And I would soon come alive in the little fantasy world of their creation…or maybe I’d just be hallucinating while dying of hypothermia. In which case, I could use the handle scales to start a fire.

Either way, the pocket tool seems, in fact, useful for climbers.

Pocket Tool Specs

The Climber Wood Swiss Spirit Knife features 12 familiar tools. Two blades, scissors, a bottle opener, and the confounding but quintessential “multipurpose hook.” Of course, the tool includes a corkscrew — because what Swiss climber doesn’t celebrate a summit with a bottle of vintage vino?

And it fits into every climber’s pocket, at a tight 3.6 inches and 2.1 ounces.

swiss army: climber wood swiss spirit special edition

Climber Wood Swiss Spirit Edition: Extras & Purchasing

Victorinox commemorates Swiss mountain tradition with the limited-edition Climber Wood Swiss Spirit knife, sending each knife on its journey in a gift box with a certificate. You can find the limited-edition tool on Victorinox Swiss Army’s website. The listed MSRP is $80.


swiss army: climber wood swiss spirit special edition
swiss army: climber wood swiss spirit special edition