Secure Shooters: The Best Tactical Rifle Cases

The best tactical rifle cases combine utility with security and weatherproof tech. Why have a rifle case at all if anyone can still access your equipment and the elements can still degrade it? Features like extra storage, customization, and organizing potential are also important. Anyone storing multiple firearms will need a case capable of handling the load.

Finally, the best tactical rifle cases all have one thing in common: security. Firearms are dangerous. Keeping them away from children or anyone who may not be trained or capable of handling them is vital to the safety of all. Therefore, any tactical rifle case should be lockable. Extra points for a handy spot to store a gun lock while the user is hunting or squeezing off rounds.

Any decision regarding gun storage and safety is an important one. Our guide to the best tactical rifle cases is based on security and utility. Read on to compare features and make an informed decision.

The Best Tactical Rifle Case

tacticon battlebag double tactical rifle case

Tacticon BattleBag Double Tactical Rifle Case

Veteran-owned Tacticon makes a soft, lockable case suitable to carry two rifles and two pistols, with pouches for miscellaneous storage. The capable “BattleBag” can be carried backpack-style or as a traditional carrying case.

Waterproof zippers protect your equipment from the elements to help keep it operating properly. Tacticon uses heavy-duty industrial 600D PVC nylon to construct the case. Anyone trying to ingress will need a sharp knife; the case’s zippers lock for extra security.

The case is heavy on storage, with multiple large exterior and interior pockets, and MOLLE grids.

Tacticon puts user convenience features forward. The backpack straps zip out of the way when not in use, and a removable shooting pad helps prone shooters keep their bibs clean. The company also guarantees its products with a “no hassle, 100% satisfaction guarantee,” proudly stating “We’re a real USA company with real humans answering phones to answer your questions and honor warranty claims!”

Tacticon BattleBag Double Tactical Rifle Case is 42 inches long, accommodating a wide range of firearms. Though only a small sample size of online reviews was available at the time of writing, most were enthusiastically positive. Its volume and potential for organization put it near the top of the pile of the best rifle bags.

Key Features:

Stores 2 long guns and 2 pistols

Exterior/interior pouches + MOLLE loops

Waterproof/lockable zippers

Carries backpack style or with handles


Two carrying options

Many storage options

Company prioritizes customer service and user utility


Too much for some gun owners


Material: 600D PVC nylon

Length: 42in

Width: 13in

Height: 4.5in

Weight: 5.8 lbs.


plano rustrictor tactical rifle case

Plano Rustrictor Tactical Rifle Case

Plano builds a popular hard-shell rifle case in the RustrictorAW2. The AW2 features the company’s proprietary Rustrictor protective tech and a fully customizable pluck-to-fit foam interior. Plano Rustrictor Tactical Rifle Case is available in three sizes: 36, 42, or 52 inches.

Plano starts the AW2’s feature list with safety, installing dual-stage lockable latches on the case. It uses a Dri-Locseal to keep any and all-weather and elements out, including dust. Rustrictor further limits corrosion. And because the case seals airtight, a releasable valve lets the user equalize pressure inside the case in the scenario of temperature or altitude changes.

The secret to the Rustrictor technology is a corrosion-preventative Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor (VCI) sprayed into the unit’s foam and resin. Plano claims “rugged, industrial-strength construction” and a comfortable carry. The overwhelming majority of nearly 7,000 Amazon reviews were positive at the time of writing.

The pluck-to-fit foam makes customization easy. If you’ve never used it before, plenty of online tutorials are available. The system can be especially easy for those who like to store their firearms disassembled, for added security, or due to meticulous habits. Any pluck-to-fit foam case will be good gun cases for rifles with a scope because they can accommodate any shape.

The Plano Rustrictor AW2 is a weatherproof hard-shell gun case with a great reputation and plenty of proprietary techs. With double stage safety latches and a priority on keeping firearms safe from corrosion, it looks like a good choice to secure your rifle for long life.

Key Features:

Pluck-to-fit foam interior

Proprietary rust preventative tech

Waterproof features

Three available sizes


Customizable interior shape

Priority on safety and weather prevention


Can only be carried suitcase-style

Single firearm capacity


Material: Resin, foam

Length: 42in

Width: 14in

Height: 5in

Weight: 10.1 pounds


pelican double tactical rifle case

Pelican Double Tactical Rifle Case

Pelican’s Vault tactical gun cases are some of the best gun cases out there in terms of durability and security. High-impact polymer, stainless steel lock hasps, and weather-resistant construction characterize the 53” V800 Vault.

By definition, a vault should be difficult to breach; the V800 is just that. High-impact polymer makes the case crushproof. No unintended debris gets in or out due to the weather- and dust-resistant construction. Six push-button latches secure the lid, and stainless-steel lock hasps provide the most important measure of gun safety as well as the last resort.

Two scoped rifles fit in the V800 Vault, and the case is equipped to carry such a heavy load with its ergonomic, heavy-duty handles. A set of wheels at one end makes the carry even easier. A customizable foam bed cushions the rifles inside. Pelican Double Tactical Rifle Case is a beast at nearly 25 pounds — serious inquiries only, please.

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Key Features:

High-impact polymer construction

Fits two rifles with scopes

Stainless steel lock hasps

Dust- and weather-resistant


Big enough for longer rifles and those with scopes

Secure and tough


Heavy; bulky


Material: High-impact polymer; pluck-to-fit foam

Length: 53in

Width: 16in

Height: 6in

Weight: 24.95 lbs.


surelock renegade 44” waterproof tactical rifle case

SureLock Renegade 44” Waterproof Tactical Rifle Case

SureLock Security builds the Renegade 44” rifle case to keep the elements (and anyone who shouldn’t have access) away from your assets. Two padlock-compatible hasps and four camlocks secure the lid. The SureLock Renegade 44” Waterproof Tactical Rifle Case features a rubber seal, making it waterproof and dustproof.

Reinforced polypropylene keeps your firearms safe from crushing or blunt force. Inside, eggshell foam up top and a customizable foam bed secure rifles right where they’re supposed to be. The case’s profile should make it big enough to carry two smaller, or one large, long gun. The foam can be customized to fit safety equipment, optics, etc.

The camlocks twist to close the case tight around its rubber seal. This keeps dust, debris, and even water out. Once you’ve got it properly secured, the next step is to lock the lid with the two padlock points (locks sold separately).

The entire package is shockproof, dustproof, and waterproof. Add padlocks to thwart those with sticky trigger fingers. A release valve equalizes pressure inside the case regardless of temperature or altitude change. And with one handle mounted on top, one on the side, and wheels, the Renegade is easy to carry.

Because it’s highly secure, the SureLock Securities Renegade is our choice for the best AR15 case. Such a recognizable and notorious rifle should be kept secure at all times.

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Key Features:

Shockproof polypropylene exterior

Customizable foam interior

Dust- and water-proof

Four camlocks plus two padlockable hasps




Highly weatherproof


Industrial appearance


Material: Polypropylene, foam

Length: 44in

Width: 16in

Height: 6in

Weight: 24 lbs.


eylar mil-spec tactical rifle case

Eylar Mil-Spec Tactical Rifle Case

Eylar Mil-Spec Tactical Rifle Case is a solid tactical weapons storage case for its IP67 waterproof rating, resistance to ingress of virtually any natural debris, lockable fittings, and customizable foam interior.

Two layers of Pluck-n-pull foam give users full control over customization. If you want to use the Eylar case’s 42 by 13.5 interior inches for multiple long guns, shotguns, or pistols, the foam bed can accommodate it. The system is also useful for storing and organizing additional accessories and safety items.

Outside, the case is crushproof, dustproof, and resists mold. With an IP67 waterproof rating, its rubber gasket keeps water out when submerged up to a meter deep. Three carry handles and two wheels give the user a range of transport options. A pressure equalization valve ensures that you can open the case comfortably no matter what terrain you cover.

Highly resistant to ingress from natural elements, certified waterproof, and highly customizable, the Eylar 44” Mil-Spec rifle case is our top pick for those whose job entails transporting weapons in a tactical manner. To protect and serve is an important charge, and the Eylar case helps those tasked with the job do it professionally.

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Key Features:

2-layer pluck-n-pull foam

IP67 waterproof




Resists ingress from natural elements

Multiple carrying options

Customizable interior configuration


No extra storage options


Material: Polypropylene, foam

Length: 44in

Width: 16in

Height: 6.12in

Weight: 20.5 lbs.


Tactical Rifle Case Buying Guide

Features To Look For In Tactical Rifle Cases

The Right Size — Choose a case that will fit your firearm comfortably, with extra room for gun locks, cleaning kits, PPE, etc.

Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment (MOLLE) — Storage for PPE and medical accessories can be overlooked, but are pivotal in a rifle case. MOLLE loops attach pouches for first aid equipment, eye, and ear protection, etc.

Storage Pockets & Pouches — To secure and protect your eye pro, earmuffs or plugs, gun locks, extra targets, cleaning kits, etc. Essential for any tactical weapons case.

Padded Divider — A soft foam barrier that protects metal parts from rubbing against each other inside a case. Useful for carrying two firearms in the same case at once. Ideal for making sure any firearm keeps operating as intended and safely.

Buttstock & Barrel Holders — One of two things: either securely holds the firearm’s muzzle and/or stock in place in storage, or stores barrels and stocks (for those who disassemble or interchange parts).

Backpack Straps and Carry Handles — Pretty straightforward: backpack straps keep both hands free. Carry handles mean you’re carrying your cargo suitcase-style.

Security — The best rifle cases put safety first. Is the case lockable? What’s keeping folks who shouldn’t have access to weapons out of your gun case? I.e. anyone unfamiliar with gun safety, children, or those with mental disabilities/experiencing a mental health emergency.

Pluck-to-Fit Foam — Usually featured in hard-shell gun cases. Helpful for those who like staying organized, and especially gun owners who like to store their firearms disassembled (which adds extra security from children or those unfamiliar with assembly).