Eye-Catching, RFID Blocking: The Ridge Damascus Wallet

Damascus steel: simply uttering the phrase can cause steel nerds to chemically react or release fluids. The Ridge utilizes the singular steel’s entrancing pattern to create a distinct RFID-blocking wallet.

No, the wallet is not made of Damascus steel — it’s 304 steel with a laser-engraved Damascus pattern. But the ingenious ploy caught our eye, and it should make the minimalist wallet stand out in any EDC kit. The functionality’s there, too: a 12-card capacity and modular money clip highlight the lightweight wallet.

ridge damascus wallet

The Ridge Minimalist Wallet Details

The ultra-thin Ridge Damascus wallet checks in at 6mm thick. If you don’t have your metric ruler handy, that’s about as thick as a pack of Zig Zags. Still, it holds a generous 12 cards (if you have that many credit cards, seek help).

The wallet comes with a detachable money clip. Swap it out for an elastic cash strap for an even lower-profile cash carry option. The Ridge points out that users can also use the strap for carrying an ID; unlike spring clips, it won’t damage a card over time. The package includes a specialty tool to swap out the clip or strap.

Carry the rest of your cards safely inside the Damascus patterned case, which blocks RFID theft attempts. The total package weighs a barely-there 2.5 oz.

304 Steel, Damascus Pattern

The Ridge makes wallets with various metals, but the 304 steel is our favorite choice. The alloy includes chromium for corrosion and wear resistance, and nickel for hardness and shape retention.

Damascus steel would be massive overkill for a wallet — its legendary performance makes sense for cutlery, but it does not come cheap. The Ridge splits the difference by mimicking the distinct Damascus pattern with laser engraving.

You’re by no means going to fool steel aficionados with the design, but it’s a cool effect that can make your EDC kit stand out from the crowded realm of the “understated.”

ridge damascus wallet

Get Out Your Wallet and Buy a Wallet

The Ridge equips its Damascus steel pattern RFID-blocking wallet to perform, last, and turn heads over the long haul. Good thing, because it costs $175 MSRP.


ridge damascus walletridge damascus wallet