Shomer-Tec Spy Bolt Hides Goodies KGB-Style

During the Cold War, secrecy was paramount for any agent. The Soviet KGB famously took it to the extreme with a plethora of gadgets just like spy bolts built to disguise their intentions and deceive their enemies. Why should your EDC kit be any different? With Shomer-Tec’s Spy Bolt, it doesn’t have to. The hollow bolt is based on “dead drop” bolts used by Cold War KGB agents. Its head detaches to reveal a secret, waterproof stash spot.

If you carry secret messages or small but priceless valuables like precious mineral fragments or microchips storing crypto codes, the Shomer-Tec Spy bolt is the war-tested way to secure them. Add it to your home safe for a portable security option.

Spy Bolt Specs

First things first: the Spy Bolt is a substantial tool, at 3 ½ inches long and ¾ inches in diameter. Shomer-Tec builds it to be big enough to conceal a considerable payload, without being overly conspicuous. Usable space in the interior compartment measures about 2 ¾ inches long x ½ inches in diameter.

Thinking about my typical secret stash needs, that’s plenty of room to fit various organic substances such as leaves, oils, and powders. Shomer-Tec advertises it under “specialty police & military equipment,” but I’m gonna set the record straight: those are actually the people bolt’s designed to outsmart.

It’s equipped to do so with reverse threads on the bolt head for added security. The head also features an embedded O-ring to make it waterproof (critical for some sensitive materials).

shomer-tec spy bolt

Considerations for Carrying

The Shomer-Tec Spy Bolt is about the size of a lipstick. It’s a lot heavier because it’s made of steel.

One thing to consider is, if you intend it for serious clandestine work, you’ll need to somehow look the part. I don’t generally carry around large fasteners, nor do I know anyone who does so. Regarded by the right (or wrong) pair of eyes, the Spy Bolt could seem pretty conspicuous.

I’d recommend wearing a disguise; mechanic? Train engineer? Door-to-door fastener salesperson? The possibilities are endless.

Of course, you can also use the Spy Bolt for funzies, or as a decoy! What if they frisk you and open the Spy Bolt, but there’s nothing inside? Instead, maybe it’s tattooed on your retinas, stashed inside your tactical pen, or shoved up your…well. You get the picture.

Cop Covert Hardware: Purchasing

Shomer-Tec’s outstandingly unique Spy Bolt costs $27 MSRP. In our opinion, that seems like a low price for all kinds of KGB-inspired secret EDC fun.